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The DataPipeline class in ReportBuilder provides an open, extensible architecture for natively accessing data stored in any format. ReportBuilder includes a BDEPipeline for accessing data via Delphi's TDataSource, a DBPipeline for accessing TDataSet descendants that do not require the BDE, a TextPipeline for accessing data stored in ASCII text files, and a JITPipeline for accessing data based on custom event-handlers. Additional data pipelines can be developed to natively access data stored in proprietary formats or objects.



TreeView, ListView Pipelines
by Marian Maier
DataPipelines that can be connected directly to any TTreeView or TListView component to deliver the contents to a Report. Demos are available for download. Contact Marian Maier directly for more details.
Anders Nolberger
Provides native access to ADO. This data pipeline communicates directly with ADO - no TDataSource or TDataSet required. Download TanADOPipeline. Download dbADO. Contact Anders Nolberger with any questions.