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The Report Component Library (RCL) is to ReportBuilder what the VCL is to Delphi. The RCL enables developers to derive new report components and install them into the Report Designer's component palette. Frequently requested components are Grid and Crosstab.

RCL Component


TeeChart Wrapper
by Digital Metaphors

Freeware. ReportBuilder includes TeeChart "wrapper" components TeeChart to be used inside the ReportBuilder ReportDesigner. Tee visual representation.

by Digital Metaphors

Freeware. Checkbox components provided as RCL sample components are included with ReportBuilder.

by Julian Ziersch Software


WPTools is a collection of components used to edit and print formatted text. With its own RTF engine, WPTools offers numerous features not supported by the standard Windows RichEd20.dll. This control lets you use tables, paragraph frames, headers and footers etc. Using the optional ReportBuilder support units for WPTools 2.x, you can print the enhanced WPTools features (justified text, tables, graphics ...) within your ReportBuilder reports.
TRichView Wrapper
by Sergey Tkachenko
Enables TRichView to be used inside the ReportBuilder Report Designer.  TRichView is a suite of native Delphi components for displaying, editing, and printing hypertext documents. Documents can contain tables, pictures, and images.  TRichView is available from Click here to download the TRichView Wrapper.
by Artem A. Berman
Freeware. Rotated label component which descends from ReportBuilder Label component. Adds a new Angle property. Click here to download. Be sure to visit, Artem's web site.You will find some freeware Delphi components there and two well known award winning packages: CoolControls and CoolMenus.
by ChoosePill components
This set of components makes it possible to easily print TreeViews or other tree-like data completely with lines, images, and buttons.  Just use a special pipeline component to which you assign a TreeView and place the TreeNode RCL component on a report and that's it! Click here for more information.
by Serge Chelli
Freeware. Supports BarCode 93 for uppercase characters and numbers from a data pipeline.  Click here to download.
by Damir Vadas

Freeware. Report migration utility. TReportExchange is a non-visual component that enables reports stored to ReportBuilder's ReportExplorer database tables to be exported and imported via flat file.  Click here to download.

Property Stripper

by Dave Blakeman

FreeWare. Property Stripper utility. Enbles .DFM and .RTM files to be reverted to earlier versions by removing user specified property references. Click here to download.
by Kevin Ugan
Freeware. Archive Merge Utility. The kuRafMerge component enables multiple ReportBuilder Archive Files (.raf) to be merged into a single Archive File. This is useful if you have a group of archived reports that you would like to present as a single report. The component allows you to specify whether the report pages should be re-numbered so that the page numbering is continuous rather than starting over at page 1 for each report in the combined archive. Click here to download.