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Data Access | BDE Alternatives



by Extended Systems

Provides access to .DBF files. Desktop and high performance Client/Server versions available. Includes SQL query support.

ReportBuilder allows the Advantage TDataSet descendant to plug in directly. The high-performance, low maintenance features of the Advantage Database Server and the extremely well-designed architecture of ReportBuilder make this combination an excellent client/server reporting solution. 

by Vista Software
Provides access to .DBF files. Desktop and Client/Server versions available.
by Elevate Software
Compact database written in Object Pascal. Includes SQL support.
Direct Oracle Access (DOA)
by Allround Automations
Provides native access to Oracle. High performance, support for Oracle-specific features.
by Dalco Technologies
MIDAS replacement. Multi-tier development toolkit for complete thin client, middleware and server executables. Works against all databases and supports all ReportBuilder functionality, including end-user design, to provide remote database access and reporting from anywhere in the world to anywhere in the world.
Interbase Objects (IBO)
by Jason Wharton
Provides native access to Interbase (no BDE or ODBC required). Also referred to as IB Objects.
by Opus Software GmbH
Provides access to MS Access database files.
Reggatta Systems, Inc.
Several products are offered that provide access to BTrieve, MS Access, and SQLAnywhere.
ODBC Express
by DataSoft Pty.
Provides ODBC access without the overhead of the BDE.
by Kosta Corriveau
Provides ODBC access without the overhead of the BDE.
by Woll2Woll Software
Data access components used to filter, search, etc. Although InfoPower is not a database engine like the products above, the components are widely used by Delphi developers everywhere.