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Data Access | BDE Support

BDE stands for Borland Database Engine. The Delphi development environment utilizes the BDE to access data in desktop database files (such as Paradox or Access) and in client-server databases (such as Oracle and Sybase).

One of the reasons Delphi has been so successful is the wide range of datasets that can be accessed via the BDE. ReportBuilder leverages this powerful solution with standard support for the BDE. In Delphi, data access via the BDE can be accomplished using a TTable or TQuery component. A TDataSource component is then connected to the table or query. A data-aware component can then be connected to the datasource. The following screen-shot shows a field value being retrieved into a data-aware memo component.

ReportBuilder StandardReportBuilder augments this data access model by adding another component: the data pipeline. There are several different types of data pipelines, but for purposes of accessing database data, a DBPipeline component can be used. The following screen shows a DBPipeline retrieving the same field value.

The value is displayed in a ReportBuilder data-aware memo component. You may notice that only the first line of the memo is shown in the ReportBuilder Report Designer. This is due to the fact that when the report generates, the memo component will recalculate the height based on the text it contains. Therefore, there is no reason to specify the height of the memo in the report layout, as it will automatically resize on the printed page.