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Data Access | Text Files

Reports can be printed directly from text files without using a database product. This functionality is provided via the TextPipeline component. The following formats are supported:

ReportBuilder Standard

▪ Comma-delimited
▪ Tab-delimited
▪ Fixed-Length records
▪ Custom delimited (where you specify the delimiter)

The TextPipeline component is essentially a simple data retrieval engine that enables you to access data in text files in the same manner as data stored in a database table. You can even define master/detail relationships between data in two text files. The TextPipeline contains a Field Editor that is used to define the data fields for the text file. Once the data fields have been defined, you can access the Report Designer and assign those fields to ReportBuilder’s data aware components.

Each of the data pipelines in ReportBuilder has a Field Editor that is accessible by double-clicking on the pipeline component at design-time. The TextPipeline's Field Editor is pictured below. Notice that the View Data button has been activated to display the contents of the text file. This feature is useful when defining the fields for the text file.