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Deploy | As Exe

ReportBuilder can be deployed as part of your executable. Simply include the correct path to the compiled units (.dcu files) of ReportBuilder in your Delphi Library Path. For example:

‘c:\program files\borland\bds\3.0\rbuilder\lib’

The ‘lib’ directory contains the compiled units of ReportBuilder. When you compile your application, necessary dcu files from this directory will be linked into the resulting executable file. Executable files created this way are stand-alone in that they can be distributed successfully without any supporting files.

Applications containing ReportBuilder will not compile correctly if the library path is not configured properly. If there are directories in the Library path pointing at old versions of ReportBuilder or at the Source directory of ReportBuilder, problems will result.

Accessing the Delphi Library Path
In order to access your Library Path in Delphi, select Tools | Environment Options from the Delphi main menu. The Environment Options dialog will be displayed. Click the Library tab. The Library Path is the first item. Click the dialog button to the left of the library path edit box. The directories that make up your library path will be displayed.