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ReportBuilder includes support for 11 built-in languages. The strings for each language reside in separate resource files. These files are located in the ..RBuilder\Languages directory, under a subdirectory named for the given language. Three letter codes are used to differentiate the language DLLs that are installed in the Windows\System directory.


Enumerated Type

Folder/File Extension

Default lgDefault dft
English lgEnglish eng
Custom lgCustom cst
Danish lgDanish dan
Dutch lgDutch nld
French lgFrench fra
German lgGerman deu
Italian lgItalian ita
Portuguese (Brazil) lgPortugueseBrazil ptb
Portuguese lgPortuguese ptg
Spanish lgSpanish esp
Spanish (Mexico) lgSpanishMexico esm
Swedish lgSwedish sve
Norwegian lgNorwegian nor