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Report Output | RTF, HTML, etc. Output

By utilizing the highly extensible device architecture of ReportBuilder, it is possible to create your own device class descendants for converting the native output of ReportBuilder into any file format. Some developers have already done just that, and are offering device classes for some of the most popular file formats. These additional devices integrate seamlessly into ReportBuilder.



by llionsoft

Provides file device support for PDF format. Contact llionsoft for more details.

Gnostice eDoc Engine
by Gnostice

Provides file device support for over 20 formats including PDF, RTF, XHTML, HTML, Excel, TIFF, SVG, PNG, JPEG, Metafile, and others. Advanced features for PDF format include, compression, encryption, TrueType fonts, font embedding/sub-setting, international characters (European, Chinese, Japanese, ...), vector chart and metafile rendering, rich text rendering,. Full featured trial and executable demos can be downloaded from Gnostice.