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Visual Data Access | What is DADE?

DADE (Data Access Development Environment) is an integrated environment that can be used by developers and end-users to rapidly build queries, link queries, and specify ask at run-time search criteria.

DADE is RAD Data Access.
ata Access Development Environment, or DADE for short, enables developers and end-users to rapidly define the data access elements required by simple and complex reports. These elements typically included queries, master/detail linking relationships between queries and ask at runtime search criteria.

DADE is easy to learn.
DADE provides simple to use Query Wizard and Query Designer tools that do not require the user to know SQL syntax. Linking two queries into a master/detail relationship is as simple dragging the mouse from the detail query datafield to the master query datafield.

DADE is for End-Users and Developers.
DADE includes a DataDictionary that can be used to provide end-users with a simplified view of the database. The DataDictionary can be used to:
Define what tables and fields are available
Create user friendly table and field aliases
Optionally pre-define table join/linking relationships that enable DADE to automatically join tables for query and automatically link two queries into a master/detail relationship.

DADE adapts to your database.
DADE supports a wide spectrum of database engines and data access component sets. ReportBuilder includes DADE plug-ins that support Delphi’s ADO, IBExpress, dbExpress, and BDE components. Advantage, DBISAM, and DOA (Direct Oracle Access) plug-ins are installed with the demos. Additional DADE plug-ins can be downloaded from the companion products page.

DADE provides portability.
DADE enables the data access elements of a report to be saved as part of the report definition, outside of the application executable. This is contrast to a report that relies on Delphi dataset components that reside on a form or datamodule.

DADE is extensible.
DADE is extensible class library that can be extended in a variety of ways:
DADE plug-ins can be created to support additional data access component sets
Custom DataView classes can be created that provide pre-configured data access elements.
Custom Design tools can be created and registered with the design environment.